The company responsible for CryptoPunks signs with a major Hollywood agency

A Hollywood agency fan of CryptoPunks

According to a report by the Hollywood Reporter, the company Larva Labs, which manages in addition to CryptoPunks Meebits and Autoglyph, recently signed this contract with a Hollywood agency. The news matters: this is the first time that blockchain-based intellectual property has been represented in the entertainment industry, especially for the general public.

This means that LarvaLabs now has a dedicated team to represent the project in films, television series, video games or even publications. It is of course not yet clear what will emerge from this partnership, but it is a safe bet that it will allow the CryptoPunks project to continue its momentum.

Matt Hall, the co-founder of Larva Labs, confirmed that the contract with this agency is supposed to protect CryptoPunks in the long run:

โ€œWe are excited to work with UTA for the good of the entire community. [โ€ฆ] Not only for the opportunities that will allow [aux CryptoPunks] to be more widely exposed, but also to help protect their growth and value over the long term. “

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CryptoPunks still very popular

CryptoPunks are NFT’s biggest project right now, with punks scrambling for gold. According to data from, the vast majority is sold for several hundred thousand dollars. The project also represents the largest volume of transactions both over the last seven days, and since its inception: it has seen more than a billion dollars in transit.

Another sign of this success: CryptoPunks have attracted โ€œmainstreamโ€ investors. Jay-Z, Logan Paul or even Odell Beckham Jr have thus confirmed owning several of these NFTs. They are in any case at the forefront of the new surge of fever in the non-fungible token sector, which has taken off since the beginning of August.

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