The decentralized fund BlackPool acquires the Eiffel Tower in the virtual world of OVR

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BlackPool’s monkeys invade Paris and its most famous monument

Who has never dreamed of owning one of the most famous monuments in the world, in this case the Eiffel Tower? In our world, we might as well say that this is not accessible to ordinary people, but what about metaverse? In these virtual universes, whether it is those who create their own world or those who interfere in ours, it is possible thanks to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to become the owner of one or more plots.

This is particularly the case in the world of OVR, an augmented reality platform creating the illusion that the real and the virtual coexist in the same space. The peculiarity of OVR lies in the fact that this protocol adds an overlay of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to our planet.

Equipped with a smartphone or smart glasses, it is possible to walk in the real world and interact with the virtual world of OVR, which belongs entirely to its users. Indeed, powered by the Ethereum blockchain, the OVR universe is based on a grid of hexagons covering the entire Earth.

These hexagons, called OVRLands, all have a specific geographic position and a standard size of 300 square meters. In total, 1.66 trillion OVRLands exist, and anyone can acquire any plot they want, if they win an auction.

In the case of OVR, the owner of a plot is free to personalize it as he wishes, in particular by creating unique experiences. So, as the popularity of metaverse continues to grow alongside the rise of NFTs, many see owning virtual plots as an attractive long-term investment.

Considering that the future of these virtual worlds will be bright, the decentralized fund dedicated to NFTs BlackPool has just acquired all the plots related to the Eiffel Tower in the OVR metaverse. In the form of an extremely rare NFT comprising 60 OVRLands, it found its first buyer on April 30 for the sum of 38.6159 ETH, or the equivalent of nearly 105,000 dollars at the time of the sale.

Recently, the BlackPool ecosystem has its own token, the BPT. For the moment, the use cases of this token are limited, but BlackPool foresees in the near future that the BPT will allow its holders to experience unique digital and physical events at the feet or even at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Indeed, owning a plot of OVR offers the possibility of creating there what one wishes and the BlackPool team will not lack imagination to offer unique experiences combining the real Eiffel Tower and virtual reality.

BlackPool OVR

BlackPool takes control of the Eiffel Tower

Since BlackPool’s ambition is to democratize access to the most valuable NFTs, this unique fund operates in the form of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In this way, the Eiffel Tower is not in the hands of a few people, but all of the holders of BlackPool’s governance token, the BPT.

“At BlackPool, we must and we will support this visionary project with genuine degen awareness and unwavering ambition. We will now join them in their quest and build the most thrilling experiences at the Eiffel Tower, showcasing BlackPool’s ambitions and vision. […], ”Says the press release.

To discuss this new collaboration with their communities, BlackPool and OVR are organizing an “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” session this Friday August 6 at 6 pm CET, on this Discord server.

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