the fire on the Côte d’Azur is still not fixed

The violent fire that has been raging since Monday on the Côte d’Azur in France, killing two people, “is still not fixed and is still likely to evolve,” said firefighters on the spot on Thursday.

A fire is fixed when its propagation is stopped, it must then be brought under control and then extinguished. For the moment, “the fire is not fixed but we are counting on the conditions of the day to announce it, when we will be sure of it”, indicated the commander of the rescue operations of the firefighters quoted by the media of the country.

However, he added, the weather conditions were expected to be “favorable” on Thursday, stressing that the fire had not progressed overnight.

The fire, which broke out on Monday afternoon from a motorway rest area north-east of Toulon before gradually spreading, initially helped by the wind and drought, devastated more than 6,300 hectares of forest in the Massif des Maures and the hinterland of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Two people died in the fire, according to a latest report. Some 10,000 tourists but also residents had been evacuated as of Monday evening.

Some 1,200 firefighters were still mobilized on Thursday on the ground to overcome this most terrible fire this summer in France and which caused considerable environmental damage.

According to the deputy director of the French Biodiversity Office, Concha Agero, “the nature reserve of the Plaine des Maures has been half devastated”.

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