The Flow blockchain is now controlled by the community, according to Dapper Labs

The Flow blockchain has become decentralized

According to a report by a representative of Dapper Labs, the Flow blockchain is now “fully open and community controlled.” What this means is that less than a third of the nodes in the network, which operates in Proof-of-Stake, are operated by Dapper Labs. To be more precise, this corresponds to 32% of blockchain validators.

According to Layne LaFrance, the product manager for DapperLabs, this threshold was particularly crucial for the project:

β€œIt allows a lot more participation in the network for community members, and it is also an important safety indicator to show that the network is managed by its members. “

Blockchains that use a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism run the risk of being centralized, with node operators having considerable influence on the network. On the other hand, spreading out the participants also helps reduce single attack vectors.

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A project that has come to the fore

Dapper Labs and the Flow blockchain found themselves thrown into the spotlight thanks in particular to the launch of NBA Top Shot. The project had managed to raise $ 305 million earlier this year, and its special packs have recently been snapped up. The centralization of the Flow blockchain, however, raised some eyebrows within the crypto-community.

For Layne LaFrance, however, it was a necessary step:

β€œAll of the compromises that were made that could have perhaps made Flow less decentralized – from a purist perspective – were made in exchange for a better user experience and better security. “

Another sign of this openness: it is no longer Dapper labs which validates the decentralized applications launched on Flow. External companies take on the task, which also decentralizes part of the operation.

In any case, Dapper Labs shows its ambition lately. A month ago, the company raised $ 250 million and unveiled a partnership with LaLiga, the Spanish soccer league. She had also announced that she was planning to get into the American football sector, thanks to a partnership with the NFL. We will therefore be following these developments closely in the coming months.

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