The girl opened her mouth wide, ate ‘burgers’ until her jaw hung heavily, had 5 surgeries, still not healed!

good girl with wide mouth eat a giant burger Finally, the jaw freezes heavily. He was diagnosed with an abnormal jaw joint, had 5 surgeries, put in 12 more screws, still hadn’t recovered.

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Holly Stravens, 34, from Portsmouth. England said She underwent five surgeries and fixed 12 screws on the left side of her mouth. After she tried to open her mouth as wide as possible. to eat a large burger causing her jaw problems

The doctor diagnosed that she There is an abnormality in the jaw joint. This is a disorder of the jaw muscles and nerves caused by injury or inflammation in the joint between the jawbone and the skull.

Before and after pictures of eating a burger

But even though she had undergone surgery But you still feel the pain and tortures the right jaw every day and lead to seizures caused by mental states Which made her want to have surgery to replace her right jaw.

“I am angry with what happened to me. But it can happen to anyone who opens their mouths too wide.” Before you eat that burger she used to be strong Never had a congenital disease, but suddenly her jaw joint was deformed, which is why I don’t know how.

Holly said she hopes fast food restaurants will scale down their burgers.  To prevent this from happening to others, the photo is a KFC stack burger. “I eat burgers at home while watching TV. And all of a sudden I had a loud ‘pop’ sound coming from my left jaw joint.” “It seems normal, it hurts a lot, lock it and it will release. And it happened because I opened my mouth too wide while eating the burger.”

Holly said she hopes fast food restaurants will scale down their burgers. to prevent this from happening to others She said her life was ‘broken’ as she was constantly in pain and having seizures. She can’t eat apples. or chew something hard because it will be very painful Then she lost her job. because of the seizures that happened to her

Holly (pictured recovering from her jaw replacement surgery) said she now hopes to replace her right jaw.  Because she has chronic pain every day leading to non-epilepsy seizures.She said: 'I am angry that this happened.  But it can happen to anyone who opens their mouths too wide.'

She said that for the past three years she had wasted time and again in seeing the doctor. And the pain affected her daily life. Normally, the average person can open her mouth 35 mm wide, but for now she can only do 13 mm.

“I regret eating a burger. it changed my life I am now classified as a disabled person and have completely lost my independence,” Holly said, adding that her mental health was deteriorating. She also had anxiety because she might have seizures when alone. At this moment, she only expected that the chronic pain that had been going on would be over.

Holly puts on a hot compress as she tries to relieve the pain in the right side of her mouth.

source: dailymail

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