the government announces new measures

The French government unveiled a new series of measures on Wednesday to fight the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic.

At the end of a Health Defense Council and a Council of Ministers, the government spokesperson notably announced a vaccination booster campaign for “populations at risk” from mid-September, the end of free Covid tests from mid-October, as well as tighter control of the health pass.

“We have decided to mark the end of free tests outside of medical prescription”, indicated Gabriel Attal, in accordance with “the announcement made by the President of the Republic in his speech of July 12” and “to the choices what a number of our European neighbors are doing ”.

“The repeated tests do not prevent going to the hospital and heavily contaminating. By mid-October, everyone will have had the time to organize themselves and take their responsibilities, we are also taking our own, ”he added.

The French executive considers that the end of free PCR and antigen tests should eventually convince those recalcitrant to vaccination.

The spokesperson for the French executive also said that all travelers from countries whose health situation is considered to be at risk would be controlled by antigen test in order to limit the entry into the territory of people infected with the coronavirus.

In addition, “it was decided to ask all the prefects of the departments whose incidence rate exceeds 200 (cases per 100,000 inhabitants) to check the health pass in shopping centers of more than 20,000 square meters”.

The government spokesperson also announced the launch of a vaccination booster campaign against Covid-19 from mid-September for “populations at risk”.

The list of people concerned will be established by the High Health Authority and the appointments will open at the end of August, he said.

These new measures come as France faces an outbreak of coronavirus contaminations and the situation is deteriorating in hospitals where white plans have been launched, especially in the South.

At present, the number of hospitalizations stands at 9,153 people, while that of patients admitted to critical care services, a total of 1,712 people, continues to increase, particularly in the South.

“We do not yet see the start of the descent, however we see the impact on hospitals,” warned Gabriel Attal.

Regarding the situation in the overseas territories, the spokesperson for the French executive confirmed the implementation of reinforced measures, in particular confinement in Guadeloupe where the health situation is not improving.

On the side of French Polynesia, the state of health emergency has been declared, it “will come into force from midnight on August 12,” said the government spokesperson.

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