The health pass now approved by 62% of French people (Survey)

The controversial “health pass” is now approved by 62% of French people who think it is ultimately “a good measure”, according to an Odoxa-Backbone Consulting poll on behalf of Le Figaro, published on Friday.

Last February, they were 57% to condemn this measure, one of the flagship measures of the plan for the management of the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, put in place by the executive.

Imposed since August 9, the “health pass” restricts access to many public places in France. Since August 30, it has also been imposed on 1.8 million employees in contact with the public.

The study also reveals that 6 out of 10 French people approve of its new extension “if the health situation requires it”.

While it was to end on November 15, an extension of the “health pass” until next summer, at the initiative of the executive which anticipates any risk of an epidemic resumption, was approved this week during a close vote in the National Assembly.

“The political consensus about this extension is very broad (…) but the subject” cleaves “on the generational and sociological level”, notes Gaël Sliman, president of Odoxa, in the commentary on the survey.

Seniors (76% of over 65s) and higher categories (66% of the wealthiest households) are very favorable, against 58% of 25-34 year olds and 52% of manual workers and 53% of employees for the categories popular.

But the third dose “could change everything,” the study notes. Nearly 6 in 10 French people (58%) do not agree with the idea of ​​conditioning the pass to people who have taken this third dose.

The French are very “cautious” there, comments the analysis of the survey, with only 37% who would be ready to have it administered “as quickly as possible”.

Among those questioned, only 37% are currently considering having a third dose administered “as soon as possible”, and 36% of them still prefer “to wait to be sure that it is useful”, before deciding, while 26% totally refuse this third dose.

The survey also reveals that 47% of French people draw an overall positive assessment of the government’s management of the health crisis, thanks to the health pass and progress in vaccination coverage. They were almost two-thirds to draw a negative balance last May.

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