The Houston Best Buy is charged with the estimate of the price of hurricane in the water


“Limited offer!” One of the signs is praised by intelligent water packaging.

The other, in Dasan’s water package, reads “$ 42.96 per packet”. I do not know illegal. But it looks like a show of unmerciful money that grabbed at a time when people lost their homes, their property, and even their lives during Hurricane Hurray.

Best Buy told me that this was happening at the Houston store the same day. The store, as well as other stores in Houston, was closed from Friday.

It could pay a heavy price for 24 small bottles of water

But when I tell you that this special offer was presented on Friday at Houston Best Buy, you could shake it a bit.
Spokesperson Best Buyer offered me these words: “This was a big mistake on some employees.”

For some, this is an impatient, insensitive and even cynical mistake. The salesperson says he usually does not sell water packages. What makes the way that this best customer tries to achieve bulk sales is the worse touch.

Best Buy says it sold individual bottles for $ 1.79

However, it seems that some employees – perhaps confident – think they could sell complete packages at the same time, leaving 24 sales at the same time.

“As a company, we focus on helping not harm the people we are affected.” We are sorry, and this will not happen again, “my Best Buy spokeswoman told me.

And repentance is indeed the best answer. It’s not like the Best Buy is the sole trader charged with exploitation.
According to the hill, Texas Attorney Ken Paxton says there were at least 600 prize reports. The gas station allegedly started $ 20 per gallon.

Friends in Houston say they have never seen anything like those they are currently facing. Maybe this Best Buy, when it comes back, can offer a small gesture of goodwill. How does Free Smart lead for a week? The unlimited offer would be beautiful.