The influential forum of NeoGAF came back after a chaotic weekend


This is a long story and a bit tricky, so let’s start with the principle: during the weekend, the influential discussion board of the NeoGAF video game was turned off. This was followed by an accusation of sexual aggression against his owner, Tyler Malka (aka “Evilore”), although the current disappearance seemed to follow the board’s departure from the board.

After the charges described in this Waypoint article began to circulate broadly and moderators crushed the tools, the committee basically collapsed because the robot that auto-tweeting Twitter new forum topics were documented. What followed were silent days, without Malke’s comment, and no signs that the committee had never returned.

So far. After the publication of the Travel Reports, which includes Malka’s comments and the women who filed charges against him, the forum came back, along with Malko’s statement.

The original quotation was made by a Texas filmmaker there’s Leupp on Facebook

“I could not get out of this situation because the perpetrator was a semi-known man who would have retaliated and could not afford to defend me,” Waypoint said.

Malka’s statement is here, and he denies all the charges against him. “The report on sexual disrespect has been against me formerly,” he says. “That is not true, a person who is not credible, the story is not logical, and many of the witnesses confirm the evidence. It will be a process. ”

As part of the same statement, Malka also announced that, obviously because of all the odds of the Internet atmosphere, the website will lose its “off-topic” for discussion focused solely on the game.

When the page came back today, the response to the statement was divided between those who strongly condemned Malko and others who were simply delighted that the board would reopen. Like, it would be better to characterize it as a continuous catastrophe.