The LocalBitcoins P2P platform launches its mobile application

LocalBitcoins launches its mobile application

LocalBitcoins is widely regarded as the “historic” peer-to-peer exchange platform for the cryptocurrency industry. However, the service had so far not offered a mobile application to its users.

It is now done, as announced in a company press release. The app is available for all regions, on Android devices. Much like the LocalBitcoins website, over 190 countries are represented, with pretty much every currency in the world.

According to Jukka Blomberg, Marketing Manager for LocalBitcoins, it was about promoting affordability:

“Bringing Bitcoin to everyone is about inclusion and accessibility. […] A lot of our customers wanted the option of a mobile app, so we developed one. “

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LocalBitcoins continues to grow

This new initiative comes as users have flocked to LocalBitcoins in recent months. According to Blomberg, 1.7 million new customers arrived on the service during the year 2020.

LocalBitcoins remains the leader in the field for many regions, facing less established competitors, such as Paxful or Binance P2P. Notably, the service has chosen to continue to focus exclusively on Bitcoin (BTC), unlike other services like LocalEthereum, which opened to other cryptocurrencies in 2019.

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