The new OS by Apple able to fix iPhone X’s cold weather input bug


Released by Apple is the iOS 11.1.2 for iPhones and iPads, the release was done this afternoon. It mostly is a minor bug fix update that goes to benefit majorly the users of iPhone X who had encountered issues just after they got hold of the latest release just after two weeks.

iPhone X: Taking hold of the Future Early

The patch notes of the OS released are short and very endearing. The update addresses two major problems. The first being an issue in which the iPhone X screen would become unresponsive temporarily to touch after the temperature had dropped rapidly. The Apple company had received some complaints from users of the iPhone X on Reddit, and elsewhere concerning the touchscreens becoming unresponsive when it is sent outside into the cold.

The following comments were shared by Apple with the Loop

We are not oblivious to the cases where it is said that the screen of the iPhone X will temporarily stop responding to touch once a quick change in temperature is observed.

After some seconds the screen is reported to resume receptiveness to touch. This will be reviewed in the update to come.

This current release of the updated software takes care of the issues that could lead to the distortion of Live Photos and videos that are made with the iPhone X.

To this present date, the updates in the software have been essentially bug fixes. iOS 11.1.1 took care of a strange and widely ridiculed autocorrect bug that transforms the “I” character into to some strange characters. The update also majorly looks at fixes, it brought back deprecated touch gestures much loved by its users, several other unique emoji were introduced, and the Wi-Fi vulnerability, that is the KRACK vulnerability was also taken care of.