The report of the UN SG pinpoints the Algerian army

In his report to the Security Council on the Moroccan Sahara, UN Secretary General António Guterres pinned down the Algerian army for the assassination of two Sahrawis in the Tindouf camps.

Guterres underlined in his report that the mandate holders under the special procedures of the Human Rights Council transmitted a communication about the extrajudicial executions of two Sahrawis in the Tindouf camps by the Algerian security forces in a site mine near the “Dakhla camp” in Tindouf in Algeria, in October 2020.

In this regard, the Secretary General of the United Nations drew attention to the communication from UN experts on this incident, in particular from the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary acts and the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The three UN Rapporteurs all expressed their serious concerns about the extrajudicial executions of two Sahrawis in the Tindouf camps by the Algerian security forces in a mining site south of the town of Auinet Balakraa in Tindouf.

They said the Algerian military patrol set fire to the mining ditch, where the two people were, and left the place regardless of their fate. No investigation has been opened into the circumstances of the death of these two people and the culprits have not been prosecuted.

The UN experts wished to affirm, in their communication, that these violations are part of a more general trend of systematic violations committed by the Algerian security forces against the sequestered populations in the Tindouf camps and migrant minors, deploring, in particular, the repression and discriminatory practices against these populations, which increased during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Tindouf camps.

These human rights experts added that the families of the victims do not dare to report these violations to the Algerian authorities for fear of reprisals, leaving the populations of the Tindouf camps in danger of abuse by the Algerian security forces and without possibility of instituting legal proceedings, and preventing such violations from recurring. This information from the holders of special procedures mandate of the Human Rights Council, mentioned in the report of the Secretary General on the Moroccan Sahara, feeds into the black register of serious and systematic violations of human rights in the sequestration camps in Tindouf, Algeria.

SL (with MAP)

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