The Taliban captured the first major city easily, no Afghan soldiers to fight with – news.

Taliban seizes first capital – Reuters reports fighting situation in Afghanistan After the United States withdrew that the Taliban forces invaded the first major city in the country already. It also killed a high-ranking government official in the media in Kabul. On Friday 6 Aug.

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Spokesperson for the Nimroz Provincial Police Department The southern part of the country said the provincial capital Sarang was already in the hands of Taliban forces. without any government forces to resist

The Taliban captured the first capital city.


Taliban troops invaded several cities. After being overthrown to rule the country 20 years ago from the invasion of the United States. Even when the US withdraws now As a result, the Taliban fought with the Afghan government’s army without thorns.

After the Taliban captured part of the city of Zaranj in Nemroz, people looted government properties.

— Tajuden Soroush (@TajudenSoroush) August 6, 2021

Previously, the Taliban had tried to invade the capital. or the provincial capital, such as Herat and Kandahar before, until a fierce battle But capturing the city of Sarang was easy. because there were no soldiers to intervene

Villagers said Troops took over government offices. police office and set up camp near the Iranian border. Ready to hold a celebration that captured this city. Because it is an important city that borders Iran.

The Taliban captured the first capital city.

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part of Kabul capital of the country The Taliban kills Dawa Khan Menapal, head of government information and media centers. Signals that it wants to undermine the elected government of Mr Ashraf Ghani.

On the same day, Deborah Lions, US Special Envoy to Afghanistan Ask the Taliban about the establishment of a political deal. and informed the Security Council that War enters an increasingly deadly and destructive agenda. similar to Syria and Sarajevo

At the White House, government spokesman Jane Saki said: The Taliban’s actions will, however, not be recognized by international legal bodies.


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