The Taliban continues to advance, taking over Afghanistan’s fifth capital Talukan.

Taliban advances non-stop – On August 9, CNN reported that Taliban militants captured the city of Talukan. capital city of Takar province Northeast Afghanistan became the fifth capital city under the control of the Taliban in just a few days

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Illustration of Kunduz City AP

Talukan is the latest battleground conquered by the Taliban as foreign forces led by the U.S. have withdrawn entirely from Afghanistan.

After the Taliban had captured four major cities, Sarang, the capital of Nimroz province. near the Iranian border On Friday, Aug. 6, then the city of Cheburgan. Jauzjan Province north of the country On Saturday 7 Aug.

Later, Kunduz, the capital of strategic importance in the province of Kunduz north of the country On Sunday, Aug. 8, it became the first major city to fall under the Taliban. Since the start of the attack in May With a population of 375,000, the city of Kunduz is a significant military award.

In addition, that same Sunday The Taliban also occupied most of the city of Sar-e Pul in the northern province of Sar-e Pul.

The rapid violence in Afghanistan shocked many in the first half of this year. The Red Cross has treated more than 49,500 wounded in conflicts across the country as fighting intensifies across the country. and many fled in search of safety. There are fears that the capital city of Kabul may also be subject to violence.

last week US increases air strikes against Taliban strongholds to halt advance The Taliban accused the United States of blowing up hospitals and schools. with other civilian targets in the province of Helmand

“US forces have carried out several air strikes to defend Afghan allies in recent days,” said US Central Command spokesman Major Nicol Ferrara. He told CNN on Sunday, Aug. 8, avoiding questions about the targets of the attack.

Afghan security personnel fighting against the Taliban in the outskirsts of Kunduz city.  12 July 2021


Meanwhile, on Sunday evening, Aug. 8, Muhammad Nayem Wardak, spokesman for the Taliban’s political department. Warns the US not to continue to intervene in Afghanistan.

A spokesman for the Taliban’s political department also spoke to Al Jazeera in Arabic. There is no ceasefire agreement with the Afghan government yet. While the Taliban also received military benefits. and condemns the Afghan government for starting its latest fight against the Taliban.

“The Afghan government has chosen to start the war in the provinces. The measures taken by the Taliban are in response to the attacks and actions of the government,” Wardak said.

On Sunday, Aug. 8, the US embassy in Kabul criticized the Taliban for attacking cities. It is an act of enforcing this rule of one’s own which is unacceptable. and contradicting claims to support an agreement negotiated in the Doha peace process.

“They acted wildly in disregard for the welfare and rights of civilians. and will only make the country’s humanitarian crisis worse,” the US embassy said.

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