The woman says her Uber driver sexually abused her


Millions of people rely on Uber to the city, but what is happening to a woman during a trip left her shaken and police are examining.

Jennifer Bridges wanted to come forward and apologize to her story. She claims to have been attacked by her driver at 8am on Sunday morning.
“It’s not what you expect from Uber,” he said. “They expect reliable transportation that is safe. I have the opposite. ”
One woman says she was attacking the Uber driver.
Despite her broken leg and bruise across the body, Bridges was considered one of the lucky ones.
It all started at 8 am on Sunday morning, the super-walled lake car was ordered to pick up its car, which went to the New Links at 10 miles.

But it’s not long until the 35-year-old has realized something’s wrong

“He acted as if he did not know where this was going,” he said. “He made comments calling me beautiful (i) I asked I loved country music.”
Then the uber driver from the road turned to the east five miles and then moved to the industrial zone. Then the bridges, he says, put a car in the park and attacked them.
“He put his hands on my breasts and threw on me – and he’s a serious man,” he said. “He put his lips on my neck, I could actually feel my saliva on my neck, I could get out of the car.”
Bridges say he was the first deaf – but I knew I had to do what he could run away.
“I pushed him away from me, opened the door, and fell to my side and went,” he said. “I had no idea where it was.”
She ran for five miles, he came to the Shell gas station, where he asked for help. An emergency tour revealed that he had broken his leg. You got him out in the process of hitting his attacker.
“I immediately called after the Uber incident,” he said. “They hung their driving privileges so no one else was in danger. That’s my main concern. It goes in eight hours to try it, or else it has tried this, which could endanger or hurt or kill. ”
With the name of the driver and the Uber Trip Plate, Bridges says Northville The police district was able to identify a man. They are looking active.
2 Fox talked with Kayla’s whaling uber. She says she is unacceptable and takes all the accusations seriously. Uber said the driver to investigate eliminates immediately to approach and continue.
Uber also provide all the information the police should investigate this incident.
Meanwhile, Bridges hopes to warn other innocent women.
“My advice is not uber to uber with someone,” he said.