The woman who murdered her boyfriend with steak knife


A woman has been found guilty of killing her boyfriend with a steak knife to the heart during a drunken row.
Twenty-three-year-old Emma-Jayne Magson, of Sylvan Road, Leicester stabbed her partner James Knight, 26, to death after an argument.
It was a tragic end to what Leicester Crown Court heard was a short and volatile relationship.
The pair had only been together for six months at the time of the killing.
Police believe that Mr Knight could have lived if Magson had called paramedics earlier.
Magson was described by prosecutors as cold and manipulative.
They said that she did not get help for Mr Knight straight away after she injured him.
She even lied to Mr Knight’s brother and asked him to help her by lifting him into her house.
Magson said he had been beaten up after going out for a drink, rather than admitting that she had stabbed him in the heart.
When Kevin Knight left, Magson waited some time before finally calling emergency services, and even then she said that he had collapsed, not that he had been stabbed.
When call handlers told her that the ambulance was delayed, she said that was fine and “don’t worry about it”.
In a statement given to police, Magson said that she had acted in self-defence when she carried out the killing. But she refused to give evidence to that effect during her trial. She said she had not realised that she had seriously hurt him.
Detective Inspector Shaun Orton led the police investigation into the killing. He said: “It has been incredibly difficult for James’s family to sit through the trial and hear how she lied, was deceitful and sat back and watched him die.
“If she had picked up the phone to the ambulance service earlier and been truthful about his injuries he may have still been here today.”
Mr Knight’s family said in a statement that the heartache and pain their son had suffered would never be far from their thoughts.
Magson has now been warned that she is now facing a life sentence.
When the guilty verdict was returned, cries of “yes” went up from the public gallery where Mr Knight’s family were watching proceedings.
The mother-of-one has now been remanded in custody until her sentencing.
Mr Knight leaves behind two children from a previous relationship.

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