The world will lose nearly 5 million women by 2030 because of gender-selective abortions.

As many as 4.7 million baby girls will not have a chance to open their eyes to the world during this decade. Due to gender-selective abortion and the killing of a newborn girl. This is popular in many countries with strong gender bias cultures. especially in China and India.

An international team of researchers comprising statistical experts. demography and public health The study, published in the latest edition of the medical journal BMJ Global Health, said it analyzed data on the births of 3,260 million babies from 204 countries and territories and found that 12 countries had a male-female ratio of 3,260 million babies. Babies born are clearly deformed, and 17 more countries are likely to do so in the future.

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Getty Images China’s three-child policy, women wonder, “why do you only see my womb?” traces South Korea’s success Solving the problem of abortion of a baby girl, the first in Asia, Thai women are in the top 10 world mothers with a baby As mothers around the world have fewer children.

Since the 1970s, medical technology has enabled the gender of the fetus before birth. The cause of abortions to eliminate a large number of female babies. It is believed to be the main reason that 25-45 million female populations in 12 countries such as China, India, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Vietnam have been missing 25-45 million over the past half century.

The fact that females are seen as incapable of inheritance and burdensome in their upbringing Including parents may have to pay a large dowry to the groom when the daughter reaches marriage. This makes the baby girl not wanted by parents in many countries. In particular, China and India have reported very high levels of such cases, accounting for 95% of cases worldwide. Until now, both countries face the problem of a shortage of married couples. leading to crime and violence such as human trafficking and prostitution.

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Besides the 4.7 million babies that will not be born in the next ten years. The research team also estimates that by the end of the century, or around 2100, there will be 5.7 million more girls who are aborted or killed at birth in 12 countries with a high proportion of male and female population imbalances.

However, in recent years, the problem of gender imbalance has begun to decline. This is because China and India have taken measures to support parents in raising their babies. and enacting a law banning gender-selective abortions

but still The research team also warned that existing remedial measures may not be sufficient. Because there is a possibility that countries where parents are more likely to choose sons than daughters. such as Pakistan, Egypt, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Sub-Saharan Africa will risk moving closer to distorting the gender ratio of the population. There may be a population of nearly a hundred million males higher than females in the near future.


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