The ‘world’s smallest’ baby returns home after 13 months in hospital

The ‘world’s smallest’ baby returns home after 13 months in hospital

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The “smallest baby in the world” – The BBC reported on August 9 the good news of a Singaporean family after Kwek Yu Xuan, believed to be the smallest baby in the world. With a birth weight of just 212 grams, the equivalent of one apple and a body length of 24 centimeters, he was allowed to go home.

She has been in medical care at National University Hospital of Singapore (NUH) for more than 13 months since Yu Xuan’s mother, Wong Mei Ling, underwent a premature cesarean section. 4 months at 25 weeks gestation because of pregnancy-specific hypertension that is a serious threat to the life of the mother and baby

However, doctors were able to deliver a successful birth, with Dr. Yu Xuan’s physical progress so good that her weight increased to 6.3 kg, but in the good news, there were concerns as Yu Xuan needed further treatment due to her condition. chronic lung disease

A baby thought to be the world’s smallest at birth has been discharged from a Singapore hospital after 13 months of intensive treatment. Kwek Yu Xuan was just 212g when she was born and measured 24cm long. Source: NUH

A statement from the hospital said Although her chances of survival were extremely limited, Ms Yu Xuan had grown up and inspired the people around Ms Yu Xuan to be a baby born during the coronavirus pandemic. and the little girl Able to overcome health problems, it is considered a ray of hope amidst the chaos of today’s world.

Yu Xuan’s parents were helped by online donations for long-term care in the philanthropic intensive care unit of S$366,884, or over 9 million. baht

Kwek Yu Xuan, who is 14 months old, is the smallest baby in Singapore to have been delivered at the National University Hospital and survived. Source: NUH

Yu Xuan has to be placed on a ventilator at home for oxygen assistance. Source: NUH

Yu Xuan was born four months ahead of schedule by emergency c-section. She was delivered at just under 25 weeks – far short of the average 40. The previous record holder was a girl in the US who weighed 245g at birth in 2018 according to the University of Iowa’s Tiniest Babies Registry. PHOTO: KWEK FAMILY

Yu Xuan’s condition was so frail that she had to be placed on a ventilator to help her breathe because her lungs were not well developed. PHOTO: KWEK FAMILY

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