Thieves break into ATM machines in the end did not survive Stuck in the closet!

Outrageous Indian guy Tampering with ATMs in hopes of stealing money But not going anywhere, had to be arrested by the police. khao khao style ATMs ever!

Recently, there has been an outrageous robbery in Tamil Nadu. India Criminals try to break into ATMs to steal money. But this robbery brought laughter from the people. Originally, the police had to be busy catching criminals. Instead, he had to be busy helping the villain instead.

According to reports, “Upendra Roi”, a 28-year-old man, has drunk alcohol until he becomes intoxicated. Its power rendered him unconscious. He broke the plywood behind the ATM. Then use a stone to break the cabinet. Trying to reach out and dig into the money inside. But after a while he finds himself stranded in a strange place. Instead, the villagers who hear the alarm call the police.

When the police arrived at the scene of the accident, they were halted by the condition they saw. Roy is stuck between the wall and the ATM. The police then helped to bring him out. Then detained to the police station. The case is currently under investigation.

The video clip of this theft went viral. Netizens all said in unison. What an unskilled thief “Hey guys, no field experience”, “It can only happen in India”, “Very inexperienced!!!!!” , “This ATM deserves a reward”.

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