Tim Cook receives $89.2 million in absolute Apple stock


Last week Thursday was a good one for Tim Cook. The Chief executive of Apple’s Inc. was given 560,000 vested Apple shares with a value worth $89.2million at the period, half of them to reach the firm’s performance objectives. This was disclosed in a filing by a Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday.

Apple shares level up

Tim Cook got 280,000 RSUs based on performance and another 2980,000 restricted stock units based on time. In a bid to reach his performance objective, the return on Apple shareholder’s stock had to be above two-thirds of S&P 500 firms over the last three years, which it achieved. During these while the shares of Apple got to 70.6%, making it take the 80th position of the 420 firms in the index.

In 2015, the Apple CEO, Tim Cook pointed out that he hopes to donate virtually all of his fortune to charity. Just at the beginning of this month, Apple published quarterly earnings which were way stronger than expected, and the tech firm is expected to launch it’s the long0-awaited iPhone at an event on September, 12.

Apple shares have grown, and have been trading at close high records. The shares are up 39% year to present when compared to the 500’s 9% gain of S$P.