Toddler left horribly scarred after grabbing mug of tea from kitchen table


A 16 month old girl has been left with terrible burns to her face after grabbing a mug of scalding hot tea from a kitchen table. Little Libbie Patterson took hold of the cup at her home in Stoke on Trent, spilling the boiling liquid over her head, face, shoulders and back.

The toddler immediately began screaming in agony after the accident, and her frantic mother immediately called 999. Paramedics rushed to the scene and bluelighted the little girl to hospital for treatment.

Doctors spent three nights treating her serious burns and, while the toddler currently has red scarring, medics are hopeful that it will not be permanent. Her mum Emma, 24, says she has decided to make a photo of her daughter’s injuries public in a bid to warn other parents about how dangerous hot drinks can be.


Emma, who also has two other children said that the cup had been sitting close to the edge of a work surface when Libbie managed to get hold of it. She added: “She screamed and started to cry. I stripped her off and doused her in cold towels after I called for an ambulance and she was still screaming.”

The mum said that medics think she will be left with permanent scarring on her shoulders, but that her face will heal. She added that it was awful to think about what the devastated consequences could have been for Libbie, who could have been blinded in the accident.

The family did not have a child gate on the kitchen, but does now. The little girl was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, which says it treats around 200 youngsters each year as a result of incidents involving hot drinks and liquids; around 60 per cent of the total number of admissions at the hospital.

Medics believe that Libbie will not need surgery or skin grafts, because her condition should be treatable with specialist dressings and monitoring of her burns as they heal.

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