Tourists “slap Kannu”, the police officer, “imitated animal”, bite each other until they are disturbed (clip)

Tourists “slap Kanoa”, police officers “imitation animals” bite each other until they are disturbed.

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TOURISTS “HACK CANNOA” – On August 10, the Global Times reported a disturbing incident at the Beijing Wildlife Park in Daxing District, Beijing, China, after two groups of tourists opened a loud quarrel and escalate to the point of using force Even after the quarrel ceased But officers face a new problem because members of the small and large caged animals near the scene of the accident. Make a fight all night

The report said the chaotic incident took place in the afternoon of Aug. 8. The video clip showed two groups of tourists, with a total number of more than 20 people, arguing and using force. At one point the clip shows a woman holding a small child with one hand. and used his free hand to pull the hair of the woman who was beaten by another woman and lay on the floor

Meanwhile, tourists from the two groups arguing in the other band wrestle and wrestle on the ground. Cut back to the group of women in front. A tall man suddenly walked out of the quarrel behind him. Before lifting her leg, a woman carried the child until it fell to the ground, and almost a minute later the confrontation with the group of tourists ended in disbandment.

However, the zoo later said the tourist quarrel had caused the animals to mimic and bite each other. “We believe that animals know fighting is not a good thing,” and the caretaker must find a way to teach the animals that fighting is bad.

Super officials, imitating animals, biting each other until they messed up.

The zookeepers at the Beijing Zoo had a tough night taming their animals as many of them began to fight with each other after witnessing a human brawl that took place at the zoo earlier in the day. /Weibo by Beijing Life (@北京生活)/


According to Global Times, a group of tourists was said to have been involved in a brawl over trivial matters at the Beijing Wildlife Park. It was reported that the clash between the two groups of tourists began as a verbal one but quickly turned physical. /Weibo by Beijing Life (@北京生活)/


In the minute-long clip, men and women were seen on the ground, kicking and pulling each other’s hair. A woman holding a baby in her arms also participated in the fight by kicking another woman lying on the ground and grabbed hold of her hair. /Weibo by Beijing Life (@北京生活)/


According to Global Times, the animals at the zoo must have been impressed by the event that happened as it was the first time they have ever seen a fight occur between humans. /Weibo by Beijing Life (@北京生活)/

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