Tragedy at a Social Media Promoted Birthday Party


Social Media has once again turned a get-together into an all-out festival with more than one million people sending their RSVP and over 10,000 party goers appearing at the 15th birthday party of Rubi Ibarra Garcia in Central Mexico’s San Luis Potosi State.  The 45-second video invite starring her parents invited anyone who was able to view the public Facebook video to their daughters’ quinceanera in La Joya.  This was not the only promotion method used, the family appeared on local television and Spotify created a playlist for the party. In addition to the invitation created by her parents, several mock events began to appear on Facebook inviting even more to the celebration. After all of the advertisement people traveled from as far as 5 hours away to get to the Villa de Guadalupe field where the event was held.  Cars and even a group of bikers were lined up for miles awaiting the big moment when she would appear adorned in her fuchsia gown and tiara after a private mass.  Even the Governor of San Juan, Juan Manuel Barreras showed to wish the birthday girl well.

This milestone birthday is a rite of passage in Mexico meant to symbolize a young woman leaving childhood.  Photos of the event capture a distressed Rubi being ushered through the crowd.  Local media reports that the family became “annoyed with the media and with the people who do not respect the rules that they had established.”

Also promoted in the viral video invitation was the horse race that would award the winner approximately $450.  During the race is when tragedy struck.  Felix Pena, who entered his horse Oso Dormido, was looking forward to the race wanting to get “fame and glory.”  The 66 year old was trampled and kills after stepping into the path of galloping horses.



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Dennis Spencer
Dennis Spencer was born in Toulouse and spent his childhood there before moving to Bordeaux for his bachelor at KEDGE Business School. Reason for him to go study in Bordeaux was the school’s recognition and the need to move away from his parents to learn autonomy and grow older. In the meantime, Bordeaux is a bigger city than Toulouse and Louis can go surfing in less than an hour. Louis is passionate about extreme sports in general. He has been practicing skateboard for years. Louis had a girlfriend in Toulouse but broke up with her when he left the city. He is, since then, enjoying student parties and making new friends.