Tragedy of 12 year old girl who live streamed her own suicide following alleged abuse


    A young girl has live streamed her suicide on Facebook in a post which has tragically now gone viral. Twelve year old Katelyn Nicole Davis, who lived in Georgia, killed herself over the festive season, between Christmas and New Year.

    She says in her heartbreaking post that she was doing so because she had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a relative. The youngster then continued videoing herself as she hanged herself in the garden of her house in Cedartown.

    However, even though the post has been shared countless times online, Facebook and police in Polk County say they are powerless to completely remove it. Facebook has been taking down any shares of the video that are spotted and says it will continue to do so, but copies of the harrowing footage are still circulating.

    Police dashed to the property in a bid to try to save the schoolgirl on the night of her suicide. However, she was pronounced dead in hospital at the Polk Medical Center. The tragic video finishes with the poor girl hanging from a tree for around 20 minutes while darkness falls. A woman, who cannot be seen on camera, is then heard calling for her.


    It has been removed from Katelyn’s own Facebook page. However, since then, Facebook and police have been called on numerous occasions by people telling them that other websites are continuing to share the footage. They include people from California, and from as far away as Britain, who were concerned about the video.

    Kenny Dodd, who is the Polk County Police, said they wanted it removed from everywhere for the sake of Katelyn’s devastated family, and because they thought it could be harmful to other children. Police are now investigating the death of Katelyn and the allegations of abuse she made in her video.

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