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True Forgiveness – The Mirror reports a complex and rare story in society. When Elizabeth and Fernandez Jimenez forgive a young man who killed her daughter, Maria, in a car accident. and also give love like a child

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The Jimenez family are Costa Ricans and settled to England in 1995 under the head of the family, a priest, where all members of the family – father, mother, daughter – son love and are very close.

true forgiveness

Dear Father and Daughter / Image: Courtesy of the Jimenez Family

Maria is a gifted child. can speak both english Spanish and Korean While studying linguistics at the University of Brighton in her senior year in 2017, she aims to become a teacher in Korea upon graduation.

But the 24-year-old girl couldn’t reach her dream land because of a car accident. Just a few weeks before his 24th birthday

Maria with the car in the accident / Image: Courtesy of the Jimenez Family

On March 22, 2017, Ms Maria asked his friend Nick Tay, 25, to drive her because she was drinking at a music group party. Even if Mr. Tay doesn’t have insurance But he gave in and accelerated to 177 kilometers per hour, which was twice the speed limit.

The car lost control, crossed two lanes, crashed into the middle of the road and overturned, killing Maria, who was not wearing a seatbelt.

Mr Fernandez, now 63 years old, is angry at the loss of his daughter. until wanting to kill Mr. Tay In contrast to Mrs. Elizabeth, now 50 years old, instead of angry with Mr Tay. Like her daughter, she sympathizes with the young man who has been studying in the UK since 2016 and is alone because his family is based in Singapore and Mr Tay is a member of a church music group as her daughter.

true forgiveness

The Jimenez husband and wife who forgive young men / Image: Courtesy of the Jimenez Family

Ms Elizabeth asked the police if she could see Mr Tay during custody. Even the police refused But she called to speak with Mr Tay that night. After returning from the hospital, this was the first time we had talked to each other. She said to the young man who had killed her daughter, “I love you too.” Mr. Tay could only cry.

The couple was very saddened. But two days after their daughter’s death, the Jimenez family decided they wanted to invite Tay to their home.

true forgiveness

Maria and Tay / Image: Courtesy of the Jimenez Family

Mr Fernandez said that instead of angering Nick But instead blamed himself for buying a car for his son and Nick to drive. Mrs. Elizabeth sees that what happened is already bad enough and that it is not difficult to aggravate Mr Tay.

When a young Singaporean walked into the living room and faced Mr. Fernandez. Mr Tay hugged Mr Fernandez and said: “Forgive me,” he cried. Maria’s father forgave him, saying: “Father forgives son”

from that second Anger vanished from Mr Fernandez’s mind. Kindness and compassion took his place and opened up to Mr Tay as a son.

Both husband and wife did not want Mr Tay to go to jail and did not want to prosecute.

Mother and Daughter / Image: Courtesy of the Jimenez Family

true forgiveness

Mrs. Elizabeth said that forgiveness and love Encourage Mr. Tay to seem strange to some people. Even the police didn’t understand why they were so nice to the person who killed their daughter. Every time she meets the cops, she’ll say she’s the victim, and criminalizing Nick will only make things worse.

But when legal action is required and Mr Tay has no place to live. The couple therefore had Mr Tay come to live with them because they thought his family was on the other side of the world. He needed us and stayed together for 6 weeks, creating an incredible bond.

In November 2017, Tay pleaded guilty in court to causing death by dangerous driving and causing death by driving without insurance. The court sentenced Tay to five years in prison and was disqualified from driving for four and a half years.

Although Mrs. Elizabeth filed a request for relief but it doesn’t work Mr Tay was admitted to Wansworth Prison where Ms Maria’s parents were visited weekly.

true forgiveness

Maria and Tay’s father are close friends / Image: Courtesy of the Jimenez Family)

Ms Elizabeth said the prison was scary and thought she had put Mr Tay in jail. He couldn’t be too sad about the passing of his son because he was only worried about Mr. Tay and had to support him and let him know that he had been forgiven and loved. too

Later, in February 2018, Mr Tay moved to Maidstone Prison and joined “Beating Time,” a television program that invites inmates to tell their own lives. Mr Tay joined a life-changing prison choir and wrote a song about Maria.

Mr Tay was eventually released after serving three and a half years in prison and was immediately taken to the airport for deportation back to Singapore.

Mr Tay is now married and has one child and continues to talk to the Continent with Mrs Elizabeth and Mr Fernandez every day.

Mr Fernandez said “The true power of forgiveness rests with the giver, not the receiver. Nothing can bring Maria back. But forgiving Nick can heal the soul.”

Elisabeth, now Beating Time’s ambassador of reconciliation, said: “We teach our children not to react in anger. But give Nick some love and we do that to Nick, which Maria would want us to do too. Now Nick is loved to us like a son.”


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