Trump congratulates Macron over massive victory


The American leader has offered praise and also congratulated to new French leader, who has become the least old person to become French leader.

The American president explained the French president’s win over conservative rival Marin La Penn at the polls as a “massive feat”. On an update on tweeter during the weekend, the American president stated that he looks toward cooperating with the new French president, although he didn’t directly extend an invite for a visitation to Washington.

This was what he said on tweeter: “well done Macron for the massive victory on this day which makes him the subsequent French leader. I have very high expectations that we will work together.”

A presidential announcement referred to the new president and the people of France for “the victorious general polls” and furthermore reinstated on how America anticipates a “continued secure liaison with the administration of France.”

The American president did not endorse any of the candidates in the French presidential polls even though he expected that a hit against policemen in the French capital in April might assist La Penn as she remains “most formidable on boundaries.” France electorate during the weekend eventually discarded her popular ideology that puts “France first” with a wide edge, wherein she made threats of leaving the EU.

Emmanuel, on the other hand, accepts global cooperation, endearing an extraordinarily impressive support days ago by the erstwhile American leader Barrack Obama. The assistant to the former president stated during the weekend there were no expectations for a statement when the election outcomes were announced.

“I kept admiring Mr. Macron’s movement,” Obama stated in a footage supporting the 32 year-old. “He stands for free-thinking principles; he presented a dream for the vital responsibility the French government carries out in the EU as well as globally; moreover he’s dedicated to an improved prospect to the nation of France. Macron pleads for the citizen’s expectations, not on uncertainties.”