Trump could “let Iran’s nuclear action”


    Unless the agreement is ratified, Congress will determine to impose economic punishment on Iran. Mr. Trump has to decide by October 15th.

    The opposition was an important part of its campaign last year

    Positive for photographers with military chiefs on Thursday said they were “quiet before the storm,” but refused to give more details. It was speculated that his comments might be related to the increased tensions of North Korea, but the New York Times said, “People who were familiar with the problem.” I believe in Iranian relations.

    Mr. Trump was in White House with Melania, his wife, as well as military leaders, after meeting on Thursday before dinner. Gesticulating with the people around him, journalists are looking to wait until they know what that means.

    “Maybe it’s quiet before the storm,” he said.
    When the reporters pushed him into the storm, he thought, he simply said, “You will find it.”
    He told his defence staff before he hoped he would “offer a wide range of military options in the future … in a much faster pace.”

    The Presidency must ratify the Agreement every 90 days; Mr. Trump did it twice

    If he refused this time, Congress would have 60 days to decide whether to impose sanctions on Iran. Reported US media suggest they will probably leave the job.

    Trump’s White House Presidential House Trump told that the Iranian regime supported terrorism and exports violence as well as chaos to the Middle East.

    “That is why we have to end Iran’s aggression and nuclear ambitions, which will soon be heard around Iran.”
    In response, Iranian nuclear leader Ali Akbar Salehi said the agreement was not recorded, according to Iranian media.

    But he suggested that this could be saved if other partners – France, China, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom – remain on board. If that is not the case, he said, the job will “definitely break.”

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergeant Lavrov said he hopes “the final decision of the US president will be balanced and will depend on today’s reality,” he told the Interfax news agency.