Trump Has Been Reportedly Lying About The Size And Value Of His Penthouse, Forbes Reveals


President Donald Trump has been reportedly lying about the size and value of his Trump Tower Penthouse, leading a decades-long crusade for a higher spot, according to Forbes Magazine.

During the presidential race, Trump invited Forbes Business Magazine to conduct a tour in the jaw-dropping luxurious mansion.

Trump’s false claims

Trump claimed that his penthouse’s size is estimated to be is 33,000 square feet and the mansion’s value soars past $270 million, according to an interview with Forbes Magazine. Moreover, he told the Forbes journalist that he dedicated a small portion to King of Pop Michael Jackson as he personally knew him better than anyone.

“I own the top three floors—the whole floor, times three!” He confirmed he once had a neighbour, pointing to an apartment on the 66th floor. “I leased that little section to Michael Jackson. I knew him better than anybody.”

Public records reveal the truth

At that time, Forbes has unsealed public records that gave rise to controversy over Trump’s purportedly false claims about the penthouse’s values and size.

On one hand, Trump’s penthouse does not feature three floors – as he claimed. However, he has a neighbour who is Joel R. Anderson, a businessman from Alabama, with whom Trump shares the top three floors. Joel R. Anderson reportedly has owned the apartment since 1996. On the other hand, the actual size of Trump’s penthouse is 10,996 square feet, not 33,000 as he stated.

Likewise, Forbes also revealed that the apartment’s estimated value stands at $86.5 million, which is a whopping price but comes to nought to the $270 million value Trump has claimed.

The reason behind the false claims

The reason behind Trump’s false information is that the president leads a chain of “decades-long crusade[s] for a higher spot on [Forbes] billionaire rankings, in which he stands at 590th in the world,” according to Forbes.