Trump launches legal bid to stop recounts


President-elect Donald Trump and his team have launched a legal bid to prevent recounts following his surprise victory over rival Hillary Clinton.

Mr Trump and his backers say democracy has already spoken and have started legal action in a bid to prevent recounts from taking place in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Failed Green Party candidate Jill Stein is behind the push for further counts.

However, Mr Trump’s lawyers have described the drive as a “farce,” saying that the recounts abuse the intent of the law. So far, the Wisconsin recount is underway. One Wisconsin country has revealed a slightly new tally, which would have resulted in one extra vote for Mrs Clinton. However, there would have to be at least another 22,000 discrepencies found for Mrs Clinton to win in Wisconsin.

Human error

So far, Ms Stein has gained 17 votes in the recount and the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has secured 12. They weren’t originally included in the tally as a result of human error, say officials at the Elections Commission.

Currently, the 72 counties in Wisconsin are carrying out the painstaking task of hand counting three million ballots cast on Election Day. Officials in Dane, which is the second most populated county in Wisconsin, say they expect it to take 12 days to count all 300,000 ballots which were cast.



However, Mr Trump and his team say the recount is a waste of time and money as the final result will be the same. Trump supporters the Great America PAC, Stop Hillary PAC and a Wisconsin voter Ronald Johnson, have filed a lawsuit, saying that the recount would be a violation of due process and that errors would be likely during a recount.


The entrepreneur and former reality television star is due to take the keys to the White House in the New Year. He has also announced he will be taking a step back from his business interests, with a press conference scheduled for mid-December.

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