Trump Told Mexico Border Wall Alone will not work


Homeland Security Secretary Jon F. Kelly has told Donald Trump that a border wall between America and Mexico will not work.

During his confirmation hearing, Mr. Kelly said categorically that a physical barrier will not do the job when the question of the wall was put to him.  He is a retired general.

On Wednesday President Trump said he would fulfil his campaign promise and order the construction of the wall across the border.  The idea is to kerb immigration and drugs coming into America.

“Goal line Stands”

Mr. Kelly’s position is that a wall has to have other measures around it for it to work.  He went on to cite Peru who are very cooperative with America and can help them stop drugs at their source.  He said, “If you build a wall, you would still have to back that wall up with patrolling by human beings, by sensors, by observation devices.

“I believe the defence of the south-west border starts 1,500 miles south and that is partnering with great countries as far south as Peru who are very cooperative with us in terms of getting after the drug production transport.”

This has been Mr. Kelly’s view since his military days when he led the United States Southern Command and oversaw 1000 military personnel.  During numerous committees, he has consistently called for a more balanced approach to security stating it can’t be a series of “goal-line” stands.

New Immigration Policies

As well as the building of the wall President Trump is to sign executive orders to increase vetting procedures on immigrants from certain countries in the Middle East, and restricting the intake of refugees.

Muslim – American groups say that the policy is basically a ban on Muslim immigrants which also surfaced during the election.

There is a potential for conflict between Trump and Mr. Kelly as the latter has always been an advocate of working with Muslim groups.

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