Twitter is testing the addition of a Bitcoin (BTC) tip feature with the Lightning Network

Distribute tips on Twitter …

Last June, Twitter published a statement on its blog introducing “Tip Jar”, a solution for distributing tips between users. This initiative, although surprising, stems from a real need among some of the users; the possibility of “tip” another individual of the network.

The Product Manager behind the Tip Jar project, Esther Crawford, explained that she was aware of this phenomenon, which is very present on the social network:

“We see you – sharing your PayPal link after your Tweet goes viral, adding it to your profile so people can support your work, or tweeting your Venmo address on your birthday,” she explained. in Tip Jar’s introductory release.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey touched on the fact that the network may well use Lightning Network technology to roll out this tip functionality. Built on top of the Bitcoin network (BTC), it increases its scalability and is therefore particularly suitable for this use case.

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… and do it with Bitcoin (BTC)

According to a report from the MacRumors site, Twitter’s latest beta update indicates that the Tip Jar project is currently in the testing phase. Developer Alessandro Paluzzi has even already leaked a picture of what the service will look like.

#Twitter is working on the ability to receive tips in #Bitcoin 👀

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) September 1, 2021

We learn in particular that the blue bird will indeed use the technology of the Lightning Network. From the leaked image, Twitter clearly works closely with the Strike payment app, which uses the Lightning Network.

The technical tip solution will therefore be based on this network and therefore Twitter users will need a Strike account to access this new service.

“We use Strike to generate Bitcoin Lightning invoices, so you will need to connect your account to accept Bitcoin tips,” the instructions read.

In his July press release, Jack Dorsey also raised the possibility that Lightning Network technology could also be used for other products, including Super Follows, commerce functionality or paid subscriptions. To see if Twitter will also embed Strike and Bitcoin on these different subjects.

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