Twitter launches a dedicated blockchain team to decentralize the social network

“Crypto Twitter”, a team to explore the blockchain

The team dedicated to the blockchain has been soberly called “Crypto Twitter”. According to the Financial Times, its ambition is vast: “to establish the strategy for the future of cryptocurrencies on Twitter”.

Tess Rinearson, a former Interchain and Interstellar alumnus, will lead this new initiative. Beyond integrating cryptocurrencies, the team should also explore ways to decentralize the social network.

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Twitter will decentralize?

This is perhaps the most innovative aspect for Twitter – large social networks are not particularly used to decentralizing their processes. According to Rinearson,

“There is much more to explore in order to help people participate in the promise of an evolving, decentralized Internet directly on Twitter. “

That Twitter itself intends to explore the ideas conveyed by the Web3 is indeed notable: we will observe with attention how a centralized juggernaut can carry the ideals of decentralization. It will therefore be a question of seeing if it is a “buzzword” or if the company will really make progress in this area.

We note that Twitter had already created another project – Bluesky. The working group is supposed to work on how to decentralize social networks in general, and review moderation tools. The momentum is therefore general at Twitter.

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Twitter is turning more and more to blockchain

The origin of these initiatives is of course the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. A big fan of Bitcoin (BTC), he has been communicating more and more in recent months his interest in blockchain technologies. To the point that he had confirmed wanting to make BTC his priority, just like the social network.

Already, Twitter had integrated tips in BTC, and the social network had confirmed that it would soon offer verification of non-fungible tokens (NFT) as profile pictures. The next steps should therefore be particularly followed. The social network currently brings together nearly 400 million users, so decentralization efforts would have real weight.

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