Two ‘dangerous’ prisoners on the run


Two prisoners, including an attempted murderer, are on the run after escaping from Pentonville prison in London.
The escape comes amid warnings from prison governors that jails in Britain are at breaking point.
The two escaped prisoners are understood to have stuffed their beds with makeshift mannequins to make it look as if they were still sleeping, before breaking out of jail.
They have now been identified by Scotland Yard detectives as Matthew Baker, 28, who was found guilty just a fortnight ago of attempted murder, and James Whitlock, 31, who has been charged with conspiracy to steal money from cash machines.
Police are warning the public that the two men should be assumed to be dangerous and should not be approached.
Baker was jailed following the near-fatal stabbing of a man in Dagenham, east London. The victim was stabbed 25 times in a frenzied attack.
While it is not yet known how the equipment came to be in their possession, the two men are understood to have used diamond-cutting tools to cut through the bars of their cells.
They then climbed over the outer wall of the jail.
A man who had been visiting the jail at the time said he understood the escapees had folded up bedsheets to make their beds look occupied so that prison guards were fooled into thinking they were still asleep in their cells.
A female visitor, who also wished to remain anonymous, said a prisoner in the jail had told her that the two men had made their escape through a fifth floor cell window.
As well as using bedsheets to create full-looking beds, they are also understood to have used sheets so they could lower themselves safely down to the ground.
Police confirmed that officers had been called to the jail on Monday morning. It is understood that the prisoners escaped during the night but their disappearance was only discovered in the morning.
The two men were sharing the same cell in the G Wing of Pentonville.
The jail has suffered from other incidents in recent months. Just a few weeks ago, 21-year-old prisoner Jamal Mahmoud was killed when he was stabbed with what was described as a hunting knife.
Breakouts from prison are incredibly rare. Only two people escaped from British jails during 2015/16. However, there has already been another escape, just two weeks ago, from a prison in the North West.

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