two residences sold for 4.1 million euros in ADA from Cardano

Luxury residences for Cardano’s ADA

According to the local media Sapo, it is the company Prometheus International which developed this real estate project. It intends to offer luxury residences by accepting payments in cryptocurrency, including that of Cardano, the ADA.

The first two properties to have been transferred in this way are located in Madeira. They were sold for a whopping 4.1 million euros. According to Prometheus, this is “the first and most expensive acquisition of a luxury property in Portugal since the blockchain revolution”.

The company also claims to believe in the potential of crypto assets for the future:

“We have positioned ourselves to be attractive in all markets and the current revolution is cryptocurrency”.

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A historical investor in Cardano

The buyer wished to remain anonymous, but it is known that he had obtained ADA when it was only worth 6 cents. Today, an ADA trades for almost $ 2. Priyesh Patel, CEO of Prometheus, also reports that the investor is particularly positive about the future of Cardano:

β€œHis investment has grown exponentially because he pioneered the utility of Cardano before it became popular. He still thinks he will reach 5 dollars next year and, in this case, he will invest even more in Portugal ”

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