Two violent men took her: What fiance of murdered children’s author told his son


    The man accused of murdering popular children’s author Helen Bailey before stuffing her body into a cesspit below their £1.5m mansion told his son that she had been taken by two violent men, a court has heard.

    Ian Stewart is on trial for allegedly drugging and then suffocating his partner before hiding her body in the cesspit below their garage so he could get her millions, along with the house. A jury has now been told that after he was arrested at the end of last year, he told his son Oliver that two men called Nick and Joe had visited the plush home demanding some sort of paperwork.

    He is said to have told Oliver that the men had previously assaulted him. Twenty one year old Oliver told the court that he could see his father had been frightened when he was telling him about the men. He said his dad had told him about the two men when he went to visit him in jail following his arrest. Oliver told the jury that his father had described one of the men as being bald, while the other had tattoos.


    Oliver said that because his father seemed so scared, he came to conclusion that they had been the ones who took Helen. The author’s body was discovered as well as that of her much loved Daschund Boris. The court has been told that Mr Stewart killed the dog to make it more plausible that Ms Bailey had disappeared while walking her pet.

    She was finally found three months after she was reported missing. The defendant is denying the charges against him and the jury has also heard from Mr Stewart’s other son Jamie, who said that he could not see his father having moved Helen, or having wanted to hurt her.

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