U.N Estimates 20,000 Refugees will be impacted by Travel ban


The U.N has estimated that 20,000 refugees will be impacted by the travel ban imposed by President Donald Trump.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said that the indefinite suspension of Syrian refugees together with the 120 day freeze on other refugee resettlement will affect 20,000 people immediately.

Nearly all of the refugees have lost everything due to warfare or natural disasters.

In a statement, the fact that discriminating on grounds of religion or nationality breaks international law was highlighted.  It read, “The High Commissioner underlines once again UNHCR’s position that refugees should receive equal treatment for protection and assistance, and opportunities for resettlement, regardless of their religion, nationality or race.”

The Extent of the Refugee Crisis

The statement continued to say that those affected are the most vulnerable people in the world.  Often they need medical assistance, are torture survivors, and often have nothing.   The resettlement programmes are life saving for people who “have no other option.”

Advice Given to the U.N from America

The American State Department advised the U.N on Sunday morning that medical screenings, travel, and orientation sessions for all refugees would be stopped.  It went on to explain that nationals from the seven nations will not be allowed to travel to America.


The backlash to the ban has been immediate and far-reaching, spreading around the world and earning America international condemnation from most world leaders.  Iran has reacted like for like banning all American nationals into the country.  They also reject the idea it is a counter-terrorism move and has described it as pure discrimination.

On American home soil a Federal Judge Ann M. Donnelly blocked part of the executive order allowing refugees and those with valid travel documents to be detained on American soil.

It is understood that the Trump administration is not going to bow to pressure but actually extend the orders to other countries and possibly make them more far reaching.

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