U.S Presence In Somalia For First Time Since 1993


The controversial budget reform of the Trump agency, with a 52 billion dollars increase in military spending, is materializing as the tangible effects have been showing across all U.S involved conflicts across the globe.

The recent military contracts signed by the U.S Armed forces, the recently implied weapons of mass-destruction and the increase of deployed troops in conflict-zones has been part of the new Trump policy.

In Somalia, the pentagon has dedicated a reinforcement of tens of soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division in the strife of the Somali government against radical entities in the country.

Battle against Al-Qaeda

Somalia has been ravaged for decades by a terrorist organization affiliated to Al-Qaeda named “Al-Shabab”, clashing with authorities and controlling big portions of the land.

The deployment of the American troops, marks an absence of U.S forces in the country since 1993, as a military spokeswomen of the U.S military affirmed their mission to train and equip Somalia’s army.

She added: “For operational security issues, we will not discuss specifics of military efforts nor speculate on potential future activities or operations”.

Interventionist Trump

The interventionist policy of the new head of state in Washington is taking wider dimensions in several conflict zones across all continents.

The deployment of U.S advisors is intensifying in most of these regions as they are technically not involved in direct confrontations and only provide military council.

Even though the U.S is not the only nation providing these kinds of services to their allies, critiques have been thrown at the pentagon for meddling into foreign state affairs, spending significant amounts of the taxpayer’s money.

The intensified U.S presence in all corners of the globe is increasing tension with their foes, leading analysts and experts to forecast imminent wars to emerge.