U.S. Retaliates Even Further Against Russia


The Obama administration, upon their recently newly imposed sanctions against Russia for their alleged cyber hacking in the US elections have also decided on shutting down and preventing any further accessibility for Russian diplomats in the Maryland riverfront compound situated in New York City.

The Russian diplomats use this spot to sail, play tennis, lay off some steam, and most of all to get a break from all the political heat and tension.

However, the Obama administration claim that the Russian diplomats assemble together in the compound as well to discuss intelligence related activities.

A Step Further

The U.S. has imposed new sanctions against the Russian Federation, including an expulsion of about 35 Russians, and the shutting down of this compound has just topped it as well.

The Maryland riverfront compound lays at the Corsica River, stretches to about 45 acres, and was apparently purchased by the Soviet Union back in 1972.

It had served as a ‘steam blower’ for Russian diplomats who had gotten too caught up and stuck with any tensions arising in the diplomatic sense that stemmed from Washington D.C. State department personnel however have now halted any Russian diplomat from entering the compound, as another form of U.S. retaliation against Russia.

Paranoia in the Air

According to officials from the White House, they claim that these Russian diplomats gather up at the rather stunning compound in order to discuss confidential intelligence activities that probably do harm the U.S.’s interests.

A resident presiding near the compound, Alison Davis, says that that the Russians who often go there live in complete harmony with the rest of the inhabitants in the area, saying that they are extremely friendly people, but she herself has personally never had any personal relations with any of them, as they tend to keep their circles tightened up and to themselves most of the time.