U.S. Supersonic Bombers Conduct Exercise Over Korean Peninsula


South Korea – Two United States supersonic aircrafts aviated over the Peninsula of Korea for shelling practices likewise a show of power against North Korea before President Donald Trump’s official visit to Asia.

A South Korean military officer said on Friday that the B-1B aircraft situated in Guam were protected by 2 South Korean F-16 fighter aircrafts amid the drills on Thursday at a field close to the South’s eastern drift. The exercises reenacted assaults ashore targets, but not with live weapons, said the officer, who prefer to maintain anonymity, citing professional ethics.

North Korea threat may likely overshadow Trump’s trip

The B-1B was initially designed with atomic capacities but changed to a regular battle role in the mid-1990s. Nonetheless, North Korea’s state media impugned the practices as a ‘shocking nuclear strike drill” and said that the US imperialists were trying to trigger an atomic war.

The North Korean war threat may be a hindrance to Trump’s visit to Asia, which begins on Sunday in Japan, with stops in South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

North Korea recently tested global ballistic rockets that could reach the United States territory with further innovation, and it has also tested its most effective warhead. Even, it flew midrange rockets over Japan with threats to launch them toward a military center in Guam in the Western Pacific.

The U.S has responded by sending its strategic team to the area for frequent drills. That has enraged North Korea, whose international minister who announced that North Korea possessed the right to take countermeasures, including bringing down the US aircrafts. However, experts doubt it has the actual plan or capacity to do such.

The United States imperialists are attempting final desperate efforts to check the dynamic progress of North Korea by conveying their nuclear recourses. However, its armed force and people are never terrified at such moves,” the report said.