U.S. to send 3,000 American troops to evacuate from Kabul Taliban occupies broken city – news

The United States leapt – on Aug. 13, AP reported the shocking situation in Afghanistan that the US government Send 3,000 new troops to evacuate some embassy staff from Kabul. The moment the Taliban invaded the provincial capitals non-stop and captured 18 of the 34 provinces, including Important strategic cities such as Kandahar, Herat, Ghazni and Kunduz.

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US Leap

Afghan soldiers and officers evacuated from Kandahar. Late on Aug 12, after the Taliban invasion (AP Photo/Sidiqullah Khan)

Although the US government said The American Embassy in Kabul will continue its mission. ready to refuse immigration withdraw all By clarifying that it was a reduction in the size of civilian officials only.

But sending soldiers to evacuate officials from Kabul. It was seen as reinforcing a daunting situation. especially when the cities of Herat and Ghazni in the west Being captured by the Taliban means that Kabul is ultimately a target for the Taliban.

US Leap

Kandahar’s market is closed down (AP Photo/Sidiqullah Khan)

the city of Kandahar Considered to be the country’s second largest capital in the south, the Taliban’s capture was a major victory. Because it used to be a stronghold and the birthplace of the armed forces before. It is also an important strategy as a trading center. and used to be the center of US military operations.

US Leap

Smoke rises after fighting between the Taliban and Afghan security personnel in the city of Kandahar, southwest of Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021. (AP Photo/Sidiqullah Khan)

The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Just warned the Taliban not to attack Americans. While the US is withdrawing its troops, which is due Aug. 31, or the Taliban will face US retaliation.

Afghan soldiers lay exhausted at the battlefield of the Taliban in Kandahar. Afghanistan’s second largest city Friday, Aug. 13, 2021. (AP Photo/Sidiqullah Khan)

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense told 3,000 troops to be sent to Kabul. In addition to having 650 troops in Afghanistan to maintain diplomatic security. including at Kabul Airport About 4,200 US embassy staff members, but most of them are Afghans.

while the British government Reported to send 600 troops to help British citizens leave Afghanistan as well as Canada. with special forces for the evacuation of citizens from Kabul

Villagers stranded on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan on Aug. 13. (AP Photo/Jafar Khan)

Stefan Dujarric, spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, warned that if there was fighting in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital When will a great humanitarian catastrophe occur?

Taliban occupies Ghazni / Taliban fighters patrol inside the city of Ghazni, southwest of Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021. (AP Photo/Gulabuddin Amiri)

“We sincerely hope that Negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s representatives and the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, will revive the way of setting up a negotiating platform to resolve the conflict.

it is clear that If there was a battle in a city the size of Kabul will have disastrous effects on citizens. and we sincerely hope that It’s not going to happen like that,” said Mr Dujarik.


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