Uber To Sponsor Girl’s Code Camp


Uber has announced a partnership with Girls Who Code, a non-profit organization, which would get $1.2million from the car sharing service for the next three years.

The money will be used to carry out more after school program for teen girls to learning coding and it is believed that the programs will enable 60,000 girls to become more tech inclined.

Although it seems like Uber is trying hard to gain some positive press after a couple of bad press in the last few years, it is worthy initiative as the money will go a long way.

Engineers at Uber will also teach coding at local chapters at the Girls Who Code boot camp and also help to set up mentorships programs.

Uber will also spend $1.8 million from his diversity fund in the next 3 years after this project.

Bozoma To Sit On Board

The chief branding officer of Uber, Bozoma Saint John will also be joining the board of directors of Girl Who Code.

It is believed that Bozoma was hired by Uber from Apple to help the company deal with its diversity issues after the CEO of the company, Travis Kalanick, was forced to step down.

The tech industry has been facing issues relating to diversity in the last few years and it is believed that Bozoma’s role at Uber will go charting a new course in the tech sector for girls and minority groups.