UK asks state to apologize for hijacking flight Hidden missions in the Kuwait War Release passengers to receive karma – fresh news

UK asks state to apologize for hijacking flight Hidden missions in the Kuwait War let passengers take karma

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The British asked the state to apologize for the flight snatch – On August 5, the BBC reported the current pressure on the British government to clarify the facts and apologize to the crew and passengers of British Airways Flight 149, which information Indicates that it may have been taken advantage of by the state in secret military missions.

The pressure arose after the release of Stephen Davis’ book Operation Trojan Horse, an investigative reporter who investigated the facts behind the crew and passengers of the flight being detained by Iraqi Army soldiers after the plane landed. Stayed at an airport in Kuwait during the time Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait in the early hours of the morning of 2 Aug 1990.

UK asks state to apologize for hijacking flight

Operation Trojan Horse written by Stephen Davis

The crew and passengers captured by Iraqi Army soldiers were detained. sexual harassment and used as a human shield at landmarks to prevent the United States and allied air strikes Before being liberated five months later, when the plane was immediately shot down by the Iraqi army.

The story begins when the plane took off from Heathrow Airport, London, England, in the evening of August 1, 1990, and then flew to a stopover at Kuwait Airport in the early morning hours of the day. On August 2nd and prepare to leave for the nations in Asia

In spite of the fact that the Iraqi army was launching its invasion of Kuwait. by being the only aircraft to stop and take a break Because other airlines have changed routes and avoided them all.

Anthony Pace, who was one of the diplomats at the British Embassy in Kuwait from 1988 until the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. said that he wanted to come out and give information to society in accordance with the principles of political intelligence

Pace, who was previously identified as a member of the British Intelligence Service (MI6) operating a covert mission in the British embassy in Kuwait, claimed he was unable to provide information due to confidentiality laws. Which he admits is an unfair law, but most recently, Mr. Pace wants to come out to reveal the whole story. to show unity with the victims

Mr. Pace expressed his belief that British military intelligence took advantage of British Airways’ flight 149, despite the British government’s continued denial of the allegations.

The former diplomat said he believed there was a hasty plan to infiltrate news forces into the battlefield. The agencies involved should be the Special Operations Forces and the military, causing them to not know the British ambassador at that time.

Mr. Pace assumed that Failure to let them know first was to be able to fully deny this secret mission. that participated in the planning of the above secret operations It also intended to mislead British Airways, which Mr Pace insisted was not true.

The former diplomat said he told British Airways representatives on the evening of Aug. 1 about the “crisis” conflict between Kuwait and Iraq. By that time the invasion had not yet occurred.

“If your plane came at midnight tonight, it would have survived. I told him that,” said Pace.

Pace also recalled that He also warned the airline that Iraq may send troops to invade in the early hours of Aug. 2, so the planes of the airlines that come during that time may not be able to land.

human shield

Clive Erthy, the crew chief of Flight 146, said that after the plane landed, it stopped at the airport in Kuwait. A person in military uniform was found as soon as the door disembarked from the plane opened. He stated that he was picking up 10 other friends who had boarded a flight from Heathrow Airport. Then all 10 passengers departed from the plane. and no one saw him again

“They have been expedited immigration to enter Kuwait. while my passengers and crew were given a second priority,” Erthy said.

The crew chief of Flight 146 said he held the British government responsible for all subsequent incidents. Later, soldiers from the Iraqi Army invading Kuwait took hold of the passengers and crew. Although some were released

However, there are many people who face mayhem. sexual harassment and was detained in a state of starvation. Some were taken by Iraqi soldiers to strategic locations. to use as a human shield against US airstrikes and allied nations

Mr Davis, author of Operation Trojan Horse, said he had the opportunity to interview members of British Airways Flight 149’s special operations team, including those involved in planning the covert mission. self

Mr Davis said the covert operation involved a special operations intelligence mission to feed British authorities. The British government did not expect Iraqi troops to reach the airport as quickly as it happened.

British authorities expect The plane only stopped at a stop and then continued to fly to its destination without any impact. The special operations members only landed in Kuwait by plane.

However, the investigative reporter said British Airways was well aware of the secret mission. This is because the fare for these Special Operations members is paid by bank transfer from an account in the British Army.

The pressure prompted the British Ministry of Defense to respond by confirming the original statement of the British House of Representatives. Britain’s lower house of parliament confirmed in 2007 that it had never taken advantage of Flight 149 to be used for military personnel in 1990.

British Airways declined to comment. per case By specifying only to adhere to the aforementioned denial statement made by the lower house in 2007

I’m sorry

Ginny Gill, one of the passengers on Flight 149, then 18, said her and sister’s seats were behind the plane next to the two men who had not spoken a word throughout the flight. He believed that he might be a member of the special forces above.

Ms Gill said that when the plane landed at Kuwait Airport Found that the atmosphere of the palace is very creepy. Because there were no other planes other than Kuwait Airways, he and his sister took a walk to stretch their legs. Then an explosion erupted near the airport.

“Only when the boom booms. We know that something is definitely not normal.” And, “We don’t know where to escape. Or what should I do?” Mrs. Gill stated that the two men sitting next to him had not seen any more. and that he wanted to know the truth from the government when he returned to England but no one said It was as if the door had been shut in his face.

The book of Mr. Davis Debut at an event in London On the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the flight 149 incident, there were both Mr. Pace and Mr. Pace. and former passengers including the crew at the event

Mr Pace insists passengers have not yet received any explanation. Why must it be put at risk? And that at the very least, an apology should be received from the authorities.

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