UK First Nation Globally to Recognize Parkour as a Certified Sport


Parkour, the sport also referred to as free running, has just been approved by the United Kingdom as an official and certified sport, according to reports from the sports councils.

Parkour UK stated that this sport can be practiced in literally any place at any given time.

Tracey Crouch, the United Kingdom’s Sport Minister described Parkour as a fun, imaginative and inventive sport.

Crouch added that she greatly encourages people to go out and explore all the available sports to see what form of physical activity would best suit and appeal to them personally.

Crouch expressed her delight about the recent move to approve Parkour as an official sport, stating that this will greatly allow more room for the sport to flourish within the United Kingdom.

Perhaps the Sport for You?

Parkour is a sport that usually takes place in the outdoors area, and is all about improving the movement of each muscle in the body.

The sport allows you to reach an entirely new level of physical activity and Crouch has encouraged anyone interested to get back to their trainers without hesitation and proceed in giving it a try.

What is it about?

Parkour was first introduced in the 80’s in France by nine men who had originally called it l’art du deplacement.

The sport revolves entirely of freely moving around and over any type of terrain, usually outdoors, by strictly relying on the movements and capabilities of one’s own body, without any additional equipment of any sort.

According to Parkour UK, the sport greatly stimulates and enhances mental and physical abilities, as well as offering solutions and suggestions in order to cross over such limits one has on his/herself.

However, the alternative name ‘free running’ was introduced in order to be able to reach out to those from English-speaking countries.