UN condemns child marriage in Zimbabwe Case of a 14-year-old girl who died after giving birth

UN condemns child marriages in Zimbabwe – Aug 8, Reuters reported that the United Nations has condemned the tradition of child marriages in Zimbabwe. African countries from the case of a 14-year-old girl who died after giving birth at a shrine A flurry of anger among citizens and human rights activists.

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The UN in Zimbabwe issued a statement expressing its concern and strong condemnation of the incident that left 14-year-old girl Memory Machaya from the Marang community. in the east of the country died

“Sadly, reports of sexual abuse of underage girls. including forcing children to marry continues And this is another sad case,” the UN said in a statement dated Aug. 7.

Local media reported that Machaiya died last month. But the story just turned red last week. After the relatives of the deceased revealed in anger that the Johann Marang Church was forbidden from attending the funeral of Dr. Mashaya. Zimbabwe’s police and sex commission are investigating the cause of death and the burial of Mashaya.

This led to the tradition of child marriages in various apostolic churches. within zimbabwe which denies dependency on the hospital and attracts millions of devotees with the promise of curing sickness and helping people out of poverty.

As the Zimbabwean government closes one eye on the tradition of marrying children. and has a marriage law and customary marriage law Neither law stipulates a minimum age for consent to marriage. In addition, customary law allows men to have multiple wives.

The UN in Zimbabwe says every three girls are more likely to be forced into marriage before the age of 18, and the marriage law is now being submitted to parliament in an effort to harmonize the law. by banning marriages under 18 years of age and prosecuting those involved in minor marriages.

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