unfolding in the Belarusian forest A “concentration camp”-like structure used to detain dissenters from the state.

FLASHING IN THE BELARUS FORESTS – On Aug. 5, CNN released a video of a building that could be a prisoner camp for political dissidents in Belarus. which was recently built near the city of Novo Kolosovo About an hour’s drive from the capital Minsk sits a Soviet-era missile storage facility. Covering an area of ​​more than 200 acres, but it is unclear whether How much is the budget to renovate this area?

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The building has been renovated. Installed a three-tiered electric fence, CCTV, and a “Do Not Enter” sign with a guard, while the windows were fitted with wrought iron and reflective glass. All were emptiness and deep in the forest.

The report stated that Belarusian opposition activists have expressed fears for some time that The authoritarian government may have resorted to this concentration camp. If the general prison is full And there is growing concern about the suppression and arrest of the protests on August 9. To commemorate the 1-year anniversary of the unusual presidential election After Mr Alexander Lukashenko won the election for a sixth time. It has sparked protests across the country. There could also be another turmoil in the Belarusian constitutional referendum that will take place in late 2021 or early 2022.

Franak Vyasorka, senior adviser to Sviatlana Tihanovskaya, the Belarusian opposition leader in exile to Lithuania. In the video of this mysterious building,

“It is not surprising that President Alexander Lukachenko is trying to build something like a normal prison camp. Because a new wave of protests can come at any time. which was triggered by the words of the Belarusian leader and economic conditions But such a wave of protests will occur. The Belarusian leader understands and wants to be more prepared than last year.”

Dissenters in Belarus in August 2020 said he was detained by police in concentration camps for days. which was temporarily adapted from a drug addiction treatment facility

In addition, in October 2020 A group of ex-Belarusian security forces (ByPol) activists released an audio recording identified as belonging to Belarusian Interior Minister Nikolai Karpenkov, saying it was necessary to build a new prison camp to detain. and adjusting the attitudes of progressive protesters The Belarusian government, however, condemned the recordings as “fake”.

CNN was unable to access the building. and there was no sign that the camp had held prisoners. As Western intelligence officials told CNN, Using the facility as a concentration camp is “possible”, although there is no direct evidence.

Residents of the city of Novokolosovo have called the site a “camp.” One resident was recently ordered to leave the area by the military. after approaching the said place

“A friend of mine, a construction worker, told me they were renovating the site. The barbed wire has three layers and is electrical. I’m collecting mushrooms here. A soldier came up to me and said I can’t walk there.” Two other eyewitnesses also observed the patrol soldiers.

A photo of the mysterious camp appears. Belarus has been cracking down on the remaining independent media in the country for weeks. And after the crisis in Belarus has gained more international attention.

On Sunday, Aug. 1, Christina Timanovskaya, Belarusian Olympic runner. who traveled to participate in the Tokyo 2020 competition revealed that they were forced to go to the airport in Tokyo After criticizing Belarusian Olympic officials on Instagram and needed help from the Japanese police to not be sent back home

However, the Belarusian National Olympic Committee said She was removed from the Olympic team due to emotional and mental problems. but he refused

Or the latest, on Tuesday, August 6, in the case of Mr Vitali Chichov, who was found hanged with abrasions on his body. In a park outside Kiev capital of ukraine And the police are investigating the possibility of suicide or that murder. More and more terrifying against the Belarusian government.

including last May The Belarusian government has ordered passenger planes to return to the country to arrest Roman Protasevich, a journalist criticizing the Belarusian government. became an event that Western leaders identified as “Hijacking by the State”

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