United States: 11% of Americans have invested in cryptocurrencies according to a survey

11% of Americans have invested in cryptocurrencies

Conducted by Momentive, a company specializing in audience measurement and evaluations, a recent survey on several themes shows that 11% of Americans have invested in cryptocurrencies.

While this is not the first survey on the use of cryptocurrencies, this one is somewhat different from the others. It is in fact carried out by a company that is a priori totally independent from the digital assets sector. However, “neutral” polls are rather rare.

It is therefore with marked interest that specialists watched this survey, the figures of which are very interesting and positive for the adoption of cryptocurrencies, at least as an investment and store of value.

A rather long-term investment in cryptocurrencies

If 11% of Americans seem little in proportion, that still represents about 35 million people. Above all, this is an important figure given the sometimes tarnished image of crypto-assets given by the mainstream media.

The study even went so far as to analyze investments by gender. In fact, 16% of American males have invested in digital assets, compared to 7% of females. In addition, it is within the 18-34 age group that we find the most investors (15%) against 11% among 35-64 year olds and 4% among those 65 and over. .

This survey also tells us that they are rather long-term investors. 60% of them buy cryptocurrencies for their potential more than a year after purchase.

In contrast, 44% invest hoping for strong growth over a short period. Note also the large share of players: 26% buy these digital assets for the sole pleasure of investing.

Finally, half of current investors have acquired their first crypto-assets during the past year. More anecdotal, the users of mobile applications are three times more numerous to carry out their transactions.

Uncertainty remains for Americans who have invested in cryptocurrencies

Another element of the survey, American investors mainly go into the unknown. Indeed, 44% do not know where Bitcoin (BTC) will be at the end of 2021. This data should be compared with the image that these same investors have on the purchase of cryptocurrencies. . And they are more measured than you might think.

45% of investors concede that this is a high risk investment. If we add those who only mention a moderate risk (31%), a total of 76% of investors are aware of placing their money in a risky asset.

Finally, the last data will surprise more than one. Recent investors are more optimistic than those who invested before 2019. Indeed, among newcomers, 36% see the price of BTC still rising. They are only 20% among early adopters. The cumulative effect of the two, 56%, nevertheless remains low, although we could have expected more optimism on this point.

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