Unstoppable Domains integrates Polygon scalability solution (MATIC) to reduce costs

Unstoppable Domains chooses Polygon to reduce costs

The news was announced yesterday by Unstoppable Domains. It is now possible to create (mint) domain names, which take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT), with Polygon. As a reminder, this solution improves the scalability of the Ethereum network, while greatly reducing transaction costs.

Unstoppable Domains, however, chooses to go further, by reducing the costs to zero for the creation of NFTs:

โ€œUnstoppable Domains will bear all gas costs for transactions that take place on the Polygon network. “

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Switching from Ethereum to Polygon

According to the company, this will save more than $ 200 in gas costs for each customer, and this only for the creation of NFTs. Unstoppable Domains also reminds that it does not charge renewal fees.

In order to promote the use of Polygon, Unstoppable Domains also announces that a bridge will be developed to transfer addresses created on Ethereum to Polygon, and vice versa.

Unstoppable Domains chooses to cover the costs of the Polygon network, and it is no accident. Last month, the scalability solution’s recommended transaction fee increased to 30 gwei. The measure, considered unilateral, had aroused the ire of some users.

All of this shows, however, that blockchain-hosted domain name projects are gaining more and more attention lately. Earlier this month, Unstoppable Domains rival Ethereum Name Service launched its ENS token, which had met with some success.

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