US Coast Guard 27 tons of cocaine and marijuana seized, more than 40 billion baht

The U.S. Coast Guard (AFP) reported that the U.S. Coast Guard said it had seized $1.4 billion worth of cocaine and marijuana from multiple drug seizures.

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#BREAKING @USCG Cutter James’ crew offloaded approximately 59,700lbs of cocaine and 1,430lbs of marijuana worth more than $1.4 billion, Thurs., @PortEverglades, the largest offload in #CoastGuard history.#Partnerships @Southcom @RoyalCanNavy

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— USCGSoutheast (@USCGSoutheast) August 6, 2021

Vice Admiral Steve Pulin, Commander of the Atlantic Area US Coast Guard Press release from Port Everglades Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said it was the highest amount of illegal drugs in U.S. Coast Guard history. Contains nearly 27 tons of cocaine and 650 kilograms of marijuana.

Joe Raedle/AFP

Joe Raedle/AFP

Lt. Col. Todd Vance said the seizure operation was caused by the work of several Coast Guards. with assistance from the Royal Canadian Navy and air support from the US Border Patrol.

Joe Raedle/AFP

Joe Raedle/AFP

The information states that More than twice the amount of drugs seized by US Border Patrol agents in 2020.

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