Venezuela Leading With The US Asylum Applications As Of October 2017


Venezuela is leading the US asylum applications with 14,525 for October 2017, surpassing China and Mexico.

Fleeing To The US

It has been noted that thousands of Venezuela citizens flee to the U.S., searching for a better living and keeping aloof food shortage and political chaos. 32-year-old Guerra, a Venezuela citizen who fled to the U.S., recalls her narrative and the motives that prompted her to leave her hometown and family and start off fresh in a new country.

“I was very emotional because I realised my family was here and we finally had everything,” recalls Guerra, bursting in tears when she saw a picture that caught the tragic scene in Venezuela where her parents reside.

Guerra, 32, fled Caracas in March with her two-year-old toddler, Jesus, and husband, Miguel Arredondo, to keep away from the chaotic atmosphere in Venezuela as violence, political chaos erupts and seems uncontrollable as well as the burdens citizens bear to get bread.

Guerra is making a plea for asylum, so her family can stay in the U.S. which is now the better solution for them.

In the meantime, Guerra and her husband are unemployed in Florida, as they cannot work until they earn a long term visa. The family is on tourist visas currently.

More than 14,700 Venezuelans applied for asylum in 2016 which is 160% ahead of asylum applications submitted in 2015.

In turn, volunteer organisations that seek to help Venezuelan citizens in U.S. have been founded and found favour among the new refugees. Volunteer organisation Venezuela Awareness Foundation founder Patricia Andrade says that the numbers of Venezuelan citizens who are seeking refuge in the U.S. are mounting. Most of the refugees cannot find jobs or left properties back home so the organisations give out clothes, furniture, and other necessities as donations.


Guerra resorted to Andrade’s donation centre as she and Miguel came to Florida. Andrade helped them and provided them with clothes and toys for their toddler Jesus.

For now, Guerra expressed gratitude that they left her country to guarantee a better future for her son. Moreover, She is looking forward to starting new affordable English courses to lead her new life.