Vice President Mike Pence encourages GOP tax reform plans during his visit to Phoenix


On Tuesday, Mike Pence, the Vice President visited Phoenix, meeting with Doug Ducey, the Governor and senior executives in Arizona to talk about Republican efforts to implement tax reforms.

It was scheduled to participate in the political gathering of funds at the invisible site on Tuesday night. After landing at Sky Harbour at around 14:30, Pence’s first station was the Restaurant Ajo Al in north-central Phoenix; where Ducey and he abolished the taxation of Republicans to a selected group of small businesses and supporters.

Leaders announced that the plan will lower the tax rates for small businesses, which will house owners, employ more employees and pay higher salaries.

Daniel Scarpinato, spokesman for Ducey, said the governor wants to see the proposals for fiscal reform of the GP

“The governor supports tax reforms and believes there is a real potential for further fuel for the US economy,” Scarpinato said. – And that would be a great advantage for Arizona.

GOP Plan aims at doubling the standard income tax; Consolidation of the current seven tax steps in three to 12 percent, 25 percent and 35 percent; and reduces corporate income tax to 20 percent to 35 percent.

Democrats ruined the Republican tax reform framework, saying it could add to the federal deficit and endanger programs like Medicare.

Pence and Ducey worked in the living room talking to half a dozen families with the shops, from car owners to insurance agents. Each table is equipped with two additional drinks: ice tea for Ducey and Arnold Palmer for Pence.

Gregory Whelan, a paediatric dentist in Peoria, told Pence that a lower tax rate would enable him to raise his bourgeois salary. Pence responded and said that although Trump is focusing on reducing this fall, “we are returning (health care)”.

In an early attack, Pence is blood on a donation bank in northern Phoenix

Referring to the shooting area in Las Vegas, Pence said it is important that every American “helps his or her role”. It was about 30 minutes when the technician pulled the blood from his left arm.

$ 5,400 a day for fundraising is used for the Trump-Pence campaign. Also led by the Republican National Board of Reverend Romney McDaniel and President of National Finance Steve Wynn, the casino could also defeat Ducey.